Meet Sid!


"I can always count on Del.  Sid Saab to fight hard for the taxpayers of our state.  His real life experience as a successful businessman is exactly what we need more of in Annapolis.” Governor Larry Hogan


My personal story is a wonderful confirmation of our country's foundation and principles of capitalism. My life's portrayal is the embodiment of people who immigrate to this country in the pursuit of a better life. Through my perseverance and hard work, I am proud to be living my own American dream but extremely humbled that I was given the opportunity to give back and serve in the legislature.

My wife Sarah and I have been married for 17 years and we are blessed with three wonderful children. As parents and small business owners we both understand the struggles and sacrifice that families face on a daily bases.

My top priority remains improving our economy, fighting to lower taxes on families and cutting wasteful spending. Maryland still has a long way to go to cut burdensome regulations on businesses hindering their growth and job creation.
Nothing is more important to me than protecting the traditional values that make our families strong.

I am a committed conservative that believes that government has a limited role in our lives. I believe that we the people are the foundation of this county. Over the past few years big government has slowly been trying to chip away at our freedom and personal liberties. I take this very seriously and have devoted my service to making sure that all of our God given rights are protected under the Constitution.

Lastly, I believe that public office is a service, not a job. I will continue to support and push to implement term limits in politics. If you allow me the opportunity to serve again, I will continue to give the job everything I have and will always be available to you and your families.

MDGOP Candidate